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  • The Dawn of Life

    The Dawn of Life

    The chemistry of every living thing is defined by six elements, from these six elements four different classes of biomolecules are created; these biomolecules produce every part of a living cell, but what makes it alive?

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  • The Chemistry of Life

    The Chemistry of Life

    The Periodic Table currently has 118 well defined and well characterised chemical elements, but only six primary elements are used to form a biological entity; every biological entity!

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  • Hygroscopic Salts

    Hygroscopic Salts

    Poor building control, inappropriate architecture, inadequate ventilation and a whole host of minor building defects and poor management processes can lead to the migration and subsequent concentration of soluble salts at the surface of your building.

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  • Guideline for the Treatment of Radioactivity in Raw & Potable Water

    Guideline for the Treatment of Radioactivity in Raw & Potable Water

    This guidance note is only applicable to raw and potable water that is intended for drinking, or for use as an agricultural or horticultural water source; it is designed to assist in identifying suitable treatment regimes for improving the quality of the water with respect to natural radionuclide content only.

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  • Drinking Water Sampling Instructions

    Drinking Water Sampling Instructions

    Sampling, Storage & Transportation of Drinking Water Samples.

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  • Metallographic Examination Solutions

    Metallographic Examination Solutions

    Whatever your needs, from revealing the general structure of metals to phase identification, we have the micro-etching solution appropriate for your metallographic examination needs.

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  • Haemoglobin Screening Solution Notes

    Haemoglobin Screening Solution Notes

    Pre-donation haemoglobin screening is one of the first tests performed in the blood donor selection process; its aim is to prevent the collection of blood from an anaemic donor. It is therefore essential, that there should be an accurate and reliable method for haemoglobin determination at the point of collection.

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  • Deoxidise, Desmut, Degrease

    Deoxidise, Desmut, Degrease

    We manufacture and distribute a wide range of chemicals for the pre and post fabrication treatment of metals and plastics.

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