What is knowledge without people to share it with?

Now we have the basics it's time to announce it to the world, allow people to share and motivate its' growth; shape it according to its needs.
What is knowledge without people to share it with?

Sharing the Knowledge

Our first priority is the add social media buttons to the app portlet allocated for that job; Google Share & Twitter buttons- simple and straight forward, read the docs, design the code on their website to customise, paste into website portlet as embedded code. Facebook, not so easy.

Whereas Google and Twitter are all about sharing via text and links, Facebook has a more sophisticated approach requiring it to have its own 'crawlers' using Open Graph <OG> metatags. Without the OG metatags the results of a share into Facebook become unpredictable; this is especially true for the og-image tag, which tends to pull in any picture from the website rather than the one from the shared news item.

The solution to this problem is to download and install a new Addon for the website which, when enabled, automatically adds og-metatags to every page in the website so that the Facebook crawler can do its' job and produce predictable results from a shared page. However installation and testing of this new Addon produced a social media viewlet, with some TTW (through the web) editing to customise the experience. Job done! Now all the content and news items can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and Google; we've even tested it to demonstrate that the content is rendered correctly.

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