New - eShop for Metallography

Bringing you the best resource for metallography products- we've put our expertise in chemistry and formulation technology into an on-line eShop called EtchantsUK.
New - eShop for Metallography


The shop is designed to be a repository of information regarding metallography so please query it extensively by metal or alloy, test type (Macro or Micro etch), use (Swab, Immersion, etc.) and provide some feedback if you can't get the information you require. The primary function of the shop is to provide a cheap resource for highly specific chemicals and chemical blends designed for metallography, the chemicals used in metallography are not the type of material that you want to store in bulk, in your business or allow unrestricted access to the raw materials; to this end we have designed the shop as an easy resource to purchase exactly what you need in a highly available format and to dispose of the product in a timely manner when not in use.

The shop is dedicated to the supply of quality solutions for the Testing, Inspection and Treatment of materials, but metallography is a large part of its product portfolio. The idea behind the shop is to collate relevant information into a usable, manageable, definable product; a product that has measurable properties of safety, stability, repeatability & reproducibility; a product that has specific and traceable attributes, that can be manufactured and delivered to the customer easily.

These solutions are manufactured in bulk at Waterfall &  O'Brien and supplied to our on-line shop typically in 150, 250 & 500ml packaging volumes, highly concentrated products are typically supplied in 60 or 100ml volumes; if you are supplied with a 60ml volume product please take extra care and do not store the product for long periods, read the Safety Data Sheet carefully and follow its recommendations implicitly.

Please Note:

If you require larger volumes and/or a regular supply please request it from here.

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