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At Waterfall & O'Brien we believe the application of innovative technology, that follows the principles of sound scientific research is the key to improving the quality of all life and protecting the environment.

We acknowledge the fact that we cannot achieve these business objectives without building strong working partnerships with innovation centres, business professionals, companies and suppliers of essential materials and services that support these ideals.

Whether you are a research scientist working on an innovative concept, a technology company in search of a development partner for your product, a business professional interested in exploring creative commercialization solutions for your company’s product, or a supplier with materials, goods or services that can potentially benefit our company, together we can improve the quality of all life.

Learn more about our partnerships:


Innovation Centres

Universities, technical centres and privately funded innovation companies are the life-blood of any development



We rely on our suppliers to provide the materials, goods and services that waterfall & O'Brien needs to manufacture products, service our customers and supply our offices and facilities with the essentials to operate our business.


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