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Water Quality

Water is an elemental transport mechanism, changing its' condition and natural state dependant upon the prevailing conditions, because of this unique ability water is everywhere seamlessly transitioning from one condition to the next using the natural laws of physics and chemistry to maintain its' physico-chemical properties. Because of this multiplicity water is divided into many different categories, as indicated in the 'Water Framework Directive' and must be monitored accordingly; the list below reflects the spirit of the WFD.


Service Description
Animal Welfare A water quality testing regime to determine the&nbsp;suitability of a water source in maintening the&nbsp;welfare of animals.
Aquatec Precipitant A (KOH) Used in conjunction with precipitant B to determine water hardness.
Aquatec Precipitant B A solution to be used in conjunction with Precipitant A
Aquatec R5 Buffer Solution A water quality test solution designed to be used in conjunction with other test solutions; this is the buffer solution.
Aquatec R6 Indicator Solution Colour Reagent.
Aquatec R7 Titrant Titrant solution used in conjunction with other Aquatech Products.
Aquatec Soap Solution A soap solution designed to determine the hardness of ordinary tap water.
Bathing Water Quality Bathing water is defined as 'those fresh or sea waters in which bathing is either explicitly authorised ... or is not prohibited and is traditionally practiced by large numbers of bathers'.
Coastal Water Environmental Standard A suite of tests designed to measure the quality of coastal waters with respect to the essential environmental standards and the water framework directive (WFD).
Drinking Water Quality (Chemical) Chemical tests to ascertain the quality of water delivered to the consumer tap(s). This is chemical tests only for the measurement of indicator parameters; ideal for maintaining your water supply.
Drinking Water Quality (Microbiology) Measure of the effectivenes of the water system to deliver water free from bacterial contamination. This test measures the indicator parameters and should be used routinely at regular intervals or after routine maintenance.
Private Water Supply- Audit Monitoring Analysis of a Private Water Supply for water intended for human consumption in compliance with UK SI2016 No 0618. Unless you use alot of water this is the preferred annual test.
Private Water Supply- Check Monitoring Analysis of a Private Water Supply for water intended for human consumption in compliance with UK SI2016 No 0618.
Water Supply Commissioning A suite of tests designed to gather the most information from a water supply; ideal for new water supplies or after periods of neglect. This test is designed to ascertain the suitability for drinking of a water source; this includes boreholes, springs and well, etc.


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Environmental Management

Using the recognised inter-dependency enshrined in the Water Framework Directive to manage waste streams, protect soil health and produce a healthy environment by monitoring and categorising water quality in industrial and environmental uses. Bathing water, drinking water, urban waste, trade waste, the services we provide for managing our impact on the environment can be divided into different categories depending upon their source and use;

the management of Soil Health & the control of Soil Additives.

the control of Industrial Waste & Effluents.

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