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The operation of a successful business is ultimately determined by the products & services it provides, the infrastructure and the systems that support the business; failure in anyone of these areas may compromise the business. The table below represents a list of services we provide to support your business in meeting the quality standards you have established, these include; effluent and waste monitoring, infection risk monitoring, Clean In Place (CIP) analysis, designing, developing & authoring methods, procedures and reports, etc. Below is a list of some common tasks.


Service Description
Burials & Cemetries Groundwater Risk Assessment Analysis.
Coliform Bacteria (MPN) Test for indicator organisms in products and processes; the presence of which confirms the product or process is failing and needs to be renewed.
Effluent, Consent Measure of consent parameters for a trade effluent (also known as the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive UWTD).
Effluent, Trade Water Authority duplicate analysis of trade effluent.
Legionella Detection The isolation and detection of Legionella in waterborne environments such as; cooling towers, water storage units, machining tools, cooling fluids, etc.
Plate Count Microbiological test to determine the effectiveness of bactericides in products or processes (e.g. coolants, lubricants, cooling towers, etc.)
Process Water- Audit Maintenance test suite for process water, designed to give an indication of its' useful remaining life.
Process Water- Check Maintenance test suite designed to check the current condition of the process water; used effectively can also predict shelf-life of product.
Process Water- Deposits Identification and quantification of the major components of an insoluble deposit after failure of the process.
Process Water- Glycols Small test suite to determine identity and concentration of thermal adjuvants.
Process Water- Quality Full test suite to determine the health of the process water and identify and quantify potential harmful contaminants and by-products.
Westerleigh Consent Analysis of effluent to meet environmental consent requirements.


If you wish to make any enquiries about the services listed here (prices, sampling requirements, etc.) please do not hesitate to Contact Us using our contact form.


Industrial Services

Services to support industry from the manufacture of products and their supporting systems and infrastructure, to the quality assurance of their raw materials and finished goods; we can be with you every step of the way, with bespoke testing and management strategies to suit your needs

Analytical services for a range of different raw materials are listed here.

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